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I have settled into a townhouse with my husband Nesil! I'm trying to ramp up my general involvement and work, so i hope i'll be adding smiles and such ;) to ppl's day.

Artwork reposting: it's fine by me. anything off my old cds or sites is ok to repost.

Artwork modding: i have no prob w artists working off my stuff, poses, coloring bws, etc.

Commissions: I have started taking the occasional commission! I'll post via image/journal submissions on FurAffinity and InkBunny.

Background: I grew up on the comics of the '90s. The splashy, bold colors and linework really influenced my overall style. Colors thick enough to stand a spoon in?--yes plz! Currently, I work in a mix of physical media and digital retouching. For the physical pieces, I use a wash of markers and watercolors, and then layer color pencils, some paint, and inks for details. Afterwards i scan it in, and use Clip Studio Paint for line reapplication and color work.

I really got into the fandom ~1995, as online access became more widespread and some sites were hosting furry art. My first furcon wasn't much later, and it wasn't but a few cons until i started selling at tables myself. It was fun, gave me something to do, and was a fantastic way to meet tons of neat furs!

In Dec 2009, i was taken out of action from a sudden onset disability. Both my inner-ears broke; i lost the balance function from them, lost the hearing in my left ear, and stuck with a permanent insane tinnitus and headache, and severe pain from any head movement. I lost a number of years in a haze of confusion and pain, with trips to i forget how many experts, scans, and tests. Finally, with lots of help from family and friends, was able to find someone that could help. Now after several years of prescription med tweaking and physical therapy, i'm getting back into the fandom. :)

My next con is FWA 2019! Take care, and maybe see you there!