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Basic personal info about da foxx.
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Area of residence: Fremont, CA
Age: 29
Sex: Male
Education level: BA in Studio Art, attended classes for an AA in Animation
Status: Single!
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Bios like this: Boring

Currently, I'm living out in Fremont, in the California Bay Area, in a townhouse with Tursi that he bought last summer.

I'm currently catching up on furry art stuffs that are due, or that I'm trying to finish up on my own.

In terms of professional stuffs, I've made most my living from my furry art (though just barely at times). However, the Bay Area being what it is, I've had to supplement it with a 'real' job from time to time. So, I've worked retail at Aaron Brothers (though just for a couple months, ug), and then as a graphic designer/pre-post press prep/assistant manager at a small printing house. When I took off from that job, it was to go back to college, to get an AA in computer animation. The death of a car brought that up two quarters short. So, now I'm currently working as a digital offset print operator, which is a pretty neat gig.


A must read if you have any questions for da foxx!

Q: Are you taking commissions/requests/ideas?

A: My commission list is not an open one. I take on commissions very rarely, as it takes me awhile to do a full colour piece. However, when I do feel that I can take on a commission, I put the slot up on FurBid (as I feel awkward setting my own price for them), and announce it to my list for anyone interested.
I don't take requests, as I owe it to the people that have commissioned me to finish their pieces first. And I don't take ideas because I have a ton of my own that I already don't have time to do :)

Q: I know you have tips up for inking and colouring, but can you teach me how to draw?

A: Sorry, I definitely don't have time for that! :) However, I can give a few start points for those interested...

--How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way is actually a very decent teaching book. It covers stuff from anatomy to composition to perspective! Go over this from cover to cover for a good grounding.
--Draw. Lots. You might buy a ream of cheap printer paper (500 sheets at three bucks) and a clipboard (another three bucks) to get started.
--Use lots of photo reference to learn anatomy and cloth. Leonardo didn't get good by guessing what went where, after all! Playboy/girl is actually really good for single nudes in a variety of positions. And of course, you can always haul out a digicam and get friends to pose for more extreme or unusual positions.
--Don't be afraid to learn off of other artists. Look at what they do, and what makes what they do work. You can even copy it to learn how it feels--but never post it or claim credit for it! There's a big difference between practice pieces, and finished pieces, kiddies :)

Q: Are you a guy, girl, bi, straight, gay, or what?

A: Yeah, I actually get asked this a lot. So, heh, I'm a bi guy :)

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