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A few friends and various general furry sites

Da Foxx, the site for my student animation works.
Rabbit Valley, your one-stop for furry shopping.
FurEauction, feature-rich, friendly-run auction site.
VCL New, new artwork uploaded to the VCL site.
Tursi Cool site with an eclectic selection of stuff.
Fel! Some really sweet drawings combined with a soft digital colouring
Frank Gembeck, Jr.! Nice drawings with kick-ass hand colouring
Jace! Umm.. nothing much at this site yet
San Souci -Very- sexy work.
Renkill (aka Renny!) A style all his own, really rocks
Chris Sawyer! Tremendous figure drawings
Werepuppy! Great drawing, and great colouring
Guppy! Weird boy. Funny though
Nanimoose! 'nuff said!
Darkmatter Studio Home of RomusZ's artwork, good stuff!
Ian Soulfox Kickin' cool Flash site!
Ayame's Oddball Fur Gods I love her stuff :)
Magnum D'thalium Really incredible style
Ken Sample! Hooray, hooray!
Ten Myths about Copyright Ok kiddies, listen up. If you have a page with images not of your own on it, you need to read this.

A collection of top-notch on-line comics. Dump the cooperate crap in the papers and read these!
Dragon Tails. Computer rendered dragons, yay!
Freefall. (mis)Adventures of an alien, a doggy, and a robot.
Sabrina On-line. Sexy and still funny!
PVP Online. Life and times of a game mag staff.
Sinfest. Brings back memories of Bloom County.
Lizard. Comic done in a charming, simple style.
Penny Arcade. Must-read if you've ever liked any video game.
Suburban Jungle. Very cute comic about an aspiring model.
Twisted Kaiju Theater. G-fans, rejoice!
Ozy and Millie. Kyoote!!
Angst Technology. Clever little strip
The Whiteboard. Furries and paintball? Ut-oh...
VG Cats. Cute and funny, when updated.

Just generally useful pages for computer users
Gamespy Computer humor and gaming reviews.
Cnet. Good source for news and reviews.
PC Connection. Great on-line store.
Computer Geeks. Discount computer stuffs outlet.
Think Geek. If you like gadgets, this page is for you!
Price Watch. One stop for price comparison needs.

Good links for a giggle.. or flat out laugh, if you're high Forget CNN, this is the finest new source out there.
Mr. Cranky. This guy knows how to review movies!
The Brunching Shuttlecocks. Site of various short articles, quite amusing. Down, but still archived.
The Onion. Considering it's a fictional newspaper, I get too much of the news from there. Check out the AV Club!
Not My Desk. The adventures of temping. Down, but still archived.
The Editing Room. Abridged scripts for the biggest movies; all you need to read about the films.
X-entertainment. Who knew random blather could be such fun?
The Complete Bushisms. Who knew random blather could be so scary?

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